Top Five

Well, since the last two Buzz blogs were about top fives of 2010, I figured I’d join the spirit and propose my top five best moments of 2010.

 5. Graduating from SCSU. Yes, after four years of academia and liberal arts classes at overly inflated rates, I donned the cap and gown and walked for graduation. St. Cloud State University was a fine training ground for me to enter the world of the “fourth estate” but after four years, it got tiring and repetitive.

 4. Escape from St. Cloud. After graduation, I spent my time looking for jobs and wanting out of my hometown. Not that I hate it there, but it was time to see new places and get out of the rut of being comfortable in one’s hometown. I got freelance work with the St. Cloud Times, starting a fine arts column for the paper. It was fun, but when I got the call to come to work for the Daily Globe, I decided to head down here and take a new opportunity in the world of journalism.

 3. The comeback of Devo.  While this is not necessarily that personal to me, I must say that Devo’s comeback put a smile on my face. When Devo announced a new album, like a lot of music dorks, I was skeptical. Their last few albums in the late 80s and early 90s were musical abominations. Yet, when “Something For Everybody” came out and I listened to it at work, I thought this was on par with some of their classic material. Plus, I got as a promo an “energy dome.” It’s basically one of those goofy flower pots the band wore in their “Whip It” music video. Plus, they played the winter Olympics too.

 2. Trivia Weekend. Every February, SCSU’s radio station KVSC does 50 hours of trivia in a single weekend. My advisor (this is before I graduated) Mike Vadnie invited my girlfriend and I to join his team, “Loose Meat Sandwiches With Some Assembly RQRD.” For 50 hours, fueled with too much caffeine and pizza, we sat in the basement of a local theatre and armed with 20 people on 20 computers, we sat and used our collective powers to answer ridiculous questions. To be honest, we sort of looked like what many TV and movies portray terrorist cells looking like. We even called Jazz musician Bobby McFerrin’s mother’s church to ask her a question relating to one of her son’s songs (his PR guy didn’t return out calls). We didn’t get a hold of her though. In fact, the team is already pouring over picture clues that each team receives for this year’s 50 hour brain bashing ball.

 1. Doing what I’m doing. Not many people who go to school for journalism get the chance to actually do it in the real world. Not only that, but my girlfriend was willing to move with me (this seems to be the big issue with my former co-workers at the college paper). I enjoy writing, but I really enjoy placing stories were they are suppose to go and at time to be creative with it too. One time Justine said I made a page look “goofy.” Well, it caught her attention, and that’s the point. I enjoy being a jack of all trades with writing and layout and so on.  Plus everyone I work with is great, which I was hoping for. It’s refreshing to know there are people who are as weird as I am. Only in our line of work would calling the new mayor of Jackson at 12:30 a.m. after the election and asking him questions make sense (I actually did this). It makes sense to me and that’s why I love it.

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