Taking the plunge

It all began as a hypothetical question in the news room.
“Joe, would you jump into a frozen lake?”
Well, I’m all about new experiences, so I responded “Yeah, probably,” not thinking that the next step would be for me to actually do it.
I really shouldn’t answer questions like this. It gets me into all sorts of weird situations.
It took me a day to decide whether to take part in the Southwest Minnesota Honor Flight Deep Freeze Dip. I was on the edge at first, until my fellow Festivus friend and Daily Globe newbie Daniel Kerwin said he’d do it if I did. I said I’d do it if he did.
So both of us are going to plunge into the icy depths this Saturday. My girlfriend, parents and friends think I’m crazy.
Well, perhaps I am. But as they say, the crazy never die. I hope this axiom is true, since I will be jumping like a maniac into frozen water, just because I think it will be fun.
Plus, it’s for a good cause. I was more worried about raising donations than plunging into a hole in the ice. I’ve never been good at raising money for any event. In grade school through high school, I failed completely at selling candy bars for various things.
But Daniel and I did it. We’ve raised money with the generosity of our co-workers at the Daily Globe. I cannot thank them enough.
Now that the hard part is winding down, I’m looking forward to the fun on Saturday. Even if my loved ones think I’m bonkers for doing it.
 I admit, as the day gets closer, my anxiety is rising little by little. Part of it is the excitement. The other part is the fear of turning my body into a human popsicle.
Some people have told me it’s an exilerating experience. I think they just told me that in a cunning attempt to trick me. Not that I needed any influence. Like I said, I’m all about doing weird and often crazy things for fun.
What I’m not looking forward to will be being videotaped and photographed. What if my skin turns blue or purple? Daniel’s did after a hockey game, and he’s not lived that one down. He looked like he was jumped by a biker gang. I don’t need something like that on tape.
But I’m going to do it with gusto. Since this will be the only time I will splash into a frozen lake willingly, I’m going to have to make the best of it.
But someday, when I’m old and not yelling at kids to get off my lawn (at 29 I already do this), I will have a weird story to tell.

1 thought on “Taking the plunge

  1. Thanks Joe for being such a good sport about this … I loved your blog!


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