Gettin’ hitched

I never would have thought it would happen to me.
As a longtime skeptic on marriage, I never even thought I’d end up engaged, doing the whole wedding thing and so on.
Here I am, less than two weeks from my wedding day, and it’s finally hitting me. I’m actually doing it.
If I went back in time, say three or four years ago, and told myself this, I’d probably beat myself up for being crazy and irrational.
But it feels right. I think I’d have more doubts if I wasn’t 100 percent sure of the woman I was marrying and how much I loved her. It feels right, and I have no doubts at all.
In fact, as usual with my work-a-day world lifestyle, my fiancé and I decided to get married three weeks ago. It was going to be a small, courthouse wedding out in Rapid City, S.D., but once people caught wind of it, it blew up into something bigger.
Also, in my haste, I didn’t tell my parents. I got a phone call from my mother a few days after we announced the engagement on Facebook.
She was a little frustrated with me.
“Rumor has it you’re getting married,” She said.
“Oh, yeah. I was meaning to call you about that …” I responded. My mother knew I would probably do this. My parents didn’t know I was going to college until I asked for some money to buy books.
I’m horrible at planning things out. I hadn’t even considered a bachelor party until Aaron Hagen, Daily Globe sports editor, started asking about one.
So I decided my friend Joe Brown would be the best man and figured he could plan that out.
He became a little frustrated with me when I had no opinion on what we should do for the party.
We figured it out, and now people are calling me about when they should arrive for it. Could have planned that out a little better as well.
So the bachelor party is set, the wedding is set, and I still need to get a suit.
My bride-to-be has her dress and everything ready, and I still have no idea what I’m going to wear. I was planning a nice shirt and slacks, but now she has a dress, I need something more fancy.
I’ll probably figure that out the day before the wedding. It’s kind of my style.

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