Charlie who?

From the amount of ink printed for one man, you’d think he would be a politician, an A-list celebrity or the elusive “Axl Rose” people claim is real. But I have to admit, Charlie Sheen sure has made himself a star again. Not based on his acting talent, but on his talent to do drugs, drink a lot of booze and act like a lunatic in public. I haven’t seen this much press for an actor who isn’t a creepy Scientologist since Michael Jackson. He even had the audacity to call out Thomas Jefferson. Yes, the star of “Hot Shots Part Duex” had some words about someone who help found this country. Sure, some might chalk up all this to his megalomania, his over consumption of every drug known to man and enough booze to kill an elephant. I ad-mit, that is part of it, but I also believe he is probably just plain old crazy. A few blogs back, I referred to Kanye West being a “folk hero for the crazies.” Well Kanye, step aside because there is a new king of kookiness. How crazy is this guy? Well, when he starts publicly insult-ing his bosses, the creator of the show that brought him mildly back to the spotlight and a dead founding father…well, who can top that? Plus he has, at times, referred to himself in the third person. I find that when anyone does that, they must be somewhat brain damaged. This past week, Charlie Sheen has been like a superball, talk-ing about making a another (I’d say ill advised) sequel to “Major League” to demanding his show gets back on the air to all sorts of cryptic interviews where he speaks like someone who should be in a padded room and sedated. But this is the Charlie Sheen I’ve seen in print all my life. For 20 years, he has embarrassed his father and even his brother Emilio Estevez, and he was in “Mighty Ducks 2.” This recent decent into mad-ness for Mr. Sheen does have a silver lining. Not for him, of course. No, this has pretty much torpedoed his career. No, the silver lining would be he is a walking cautionary tale about drugs and alcohol. Because of his excesses, Sheen’s crippling addiction (that he claims to have solved with his “brain”) exposes that addiction is a very real and very destructive aspect in this world. His addictions have been det-rimental to his career many times. Like Mickey Rourke, it was stylish in the 1980s for some crazy reason, but 20 plus years later, it is pathetic, de-pressing and annoying. Mr. Sheen, for the sake of everyone who hears or reads about your antics, knock it off. Get some help. Go away for a while. Your pop-culture mo-ment should not have lasted this long. You are just a parody of yourself. A sad, pathetic par-ody.

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