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‘Bill & Ted’ again?
I was online, looking up goofy factoids in pop culture, when I came across a real humdinger. Apparently Keanu Reeves has been talking to the media about a third installment of the “Bill & Ted” films.
My jaw dropped and a sharp pain smashed into my brain as I tried to comprehend why anyone would make a third film featuring two goofballs with rock star dreams who are now nearing their 50s.
But it was true. Reeves spoke to MTV News about some of the plot line and whatever. People are working on the script. This just might happen.
Why? What’s wrong with Hollywood over the last decade? If it’s not a sequel, it’s a remake of some other film. Have script writers lost all originality?
And why “Bill & Ted?” Sure, the first film had a few chuckles here and there.
Remember the laughs from the sequel? Yeah, me neither.
I’m sure Reeves’ co-star, Alex Winter, needs the work. Hollywood can be a cruel place for one dimensional actors, and giving this guy hope for a second chance just seems cruel.
See, “Bill & Ted” has the horrible reek of the ’80s, a time when bands like Poison and Warrant ruled the airwaves. It does not age gracefully in the history of film. Few comedies do. The jokes are purposely written for a certain time, for the most part.
Will “The Hangover” be funny to teenagers and college kids 20 years from now? Or will it simply be a relic at which only people of my generation will still laugh?
I mean, it will be pretty depressing to hear two middle-aged men saying “rad,” “tubular” and “excellent” in surfer dialect. Or see them in a garage playing air guitar, or time traveling in a pay phone, which has already become obsolete (for the most part) in our cell phone world. Maybe they will use an app on their i-Phone(s) to bother historic people like Socrates and Napoleon. Just the thought of that makes me shudder.
Celebrities gone bonkers
In other news of the insane, Charlie Sheen is not the only celebrity to have gone out in public and make their manager cry a little on the inside.
Sammy “The Red Rocker” Hagar has written a memoir, which, like most people, I thought would be about his life in music and his time as front man for Van Halen.
But there has been something more hyping the book. Hagar apparently claims he saw a UFO in his younger years — in a dream.
Apparently these aliens transmitted him a code with something close to wi-fi, the Red Rocker proclaimed.
But it’s sad to read about the guy who replaced David Lee Roth spouting off about a UFO encounter.
Maybe he did see something, perhaps he had a few too many drinks that night, but thinking aliens may have transmitted him a message in his sleep may have been the real deal is just crazy.
Also visiting Crazy Town is is Randy Quaid — always good for a “what the heck?” laugh.
A few months back, he tried to seek asylum in Canada due to his fears that somebody was killing celebrities. While I think calling himself a celebrity is a bit of a stretch, he still went about making these insane rants about someone hunting him down.
He calls this mysterious force a “Star Whacker,” and he wrote a song about it.
I’m not kidding, Randy Quaid wrote a song about being chased by “Star Whackers.” I wish I was making this up as I’m kind of depressed looking at what I just wrote.
While I find these bizarre factoids humorous, they are also a bit sad. Some people have mental issues and watching them display those in public is partly amusing and partly awful.
But still amusing.

1 thought on “Pop Culture Madness

  1. In other news: Hollywood is re-making “Planet of the Apes” and “Spiderman”.

    Either remakes or cowboy/ninja flicks that make no sense whatsoever. SG-1 for the win.


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