Mix Cds

The debate on how to make the perfect mix CD for any occasion has been argued for many, many years. Making one alone is hard enough, but my fiancé and I found on Sunday that two people on the job can be a bit more difficult.
Since our wedding is Saturday, we spent much of this holiday weekend deciding what songs we want played at the reception. We are both music junkies with a broad taste in music. So not only did choosing the songs not come as easily as we hoped, we are now on the next, and I admit, more frustrating part of the process.
Choosing the song order.
As an ex-record store employee, it is hard to make concessions in this process. After making mixed CDs and tapes most of my life, I feel I have a certain knack for it, a sixth instinct, if you will.
We both had to cut certain songs out due to disagreement and relented to what shall go in. I had to concede to “It’s Raining Men” (much to my chagrin), and Gina has to put up with “Princes Of The Universe,” a song by Queen that has somehow fit into various parts of my life.
But I am impressed with what we have come up with. Rock, metal, hip hop, gangsta rap, country and etc. It will be one of the finest mixes in which I have taken part.

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