Fantasy Football

I was invited to join a Fantasy Football league the other night by a friend of mine who knows my knowledge of football is pretty much nothing.
But, and this was the selling point: nobody in our league knows diddly squat about the sport as well.
Why, then, are we partaking in such a venture?
Inspiration. We were inspired by the FX tv show, “The League.”
It is a crude humor filled show that mention Fantasy Football once or twice an episode.
I have no idea how Fantasy Football works.
I was in a Fantasy Baseball league in 2007 — 2008 and did poorly.
I rarely checked my roster and had no idea what was going on at all.
I was kicked out of that league and my team was given to some dude in Portland.
I’ve never forgiven my buddies for that.
So now, years later, I’m back in the same position. I warned my friend I will rarely participate, any points I win will be totally an accident and so on.
I somehow wander into these weird situations. Mustache Showdowns, Fantasy leagues and there are talks of a Beard Showdown for the winter (I doubt my body could survive two showdowns a year).
We are now trying to decide the draft order. We are contemplating all sorts of strange contests and so forth.
Whatever it will become, once again I’ll be surprised if I live through it.
But I will try a little. I will get one of those magazines that offer tips for Fantasy Football and bother the sports guys at work until they give me some good information.
I’ll probably be into it for three weeks, get annoyed and stop.
I was like that for Fantasy Baseball and am even like that with video games.
With video games, if I get stuck for 10 minutes, I’ll stop the game all together and find something else to do.
We are also planning on trophies. One for the winner and one for the loser.
Of course, our sick sense of humor means the loser’s trophy will be the funniest thing ever to us.
So I’m guessing that after football season, we will have to unite and award out trophies and make fun of each other, because that’s the kind of people playing in this league.
And it will be a blast. Duds in their 30s acting like 18 year oldy. What’s the fun in growing up if you can’t act like a kid from time to time?

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