When Danzig threw an Axl moment

Years ago, I saw one of my musical heroes growing up for the second time, and it was awkward.
Danzig (ex-frontman for horror-core punk band The Misfits) had been dropping hints that he would be bringing his ex-bandmate from The Misfits on this tour, and they were to perform a 20-minute set of their old tunes.
Well, here were all these people sporting their Misfits shirts and expecting to see this semi-reunion, only to find out this was not to be.
So the fans are a little angry, the opening bands were all awful death metal groups that sounded awful and Danzig hits the stage with an attitude.
I was standing by the soundboard and saw the set list. Just the songs one would expect. “Twist of Cain,” “Mother” and just about all the more famous songs from his first three records.
Right away the fans begin yelling for Misfits songs, and the visibly annoyed Danzig just went through the motions.
When he played some new songs, his PA acted up.
During one tune, he couldn’t hear himself and kept storming back stage to yell at someone.
He came back and tried the song again, which was agonizing because the song was terrible.
It felt like an hour had gone by with Danzig trying this awful song over and over again.
He then whined about the sound and nearly shoved his bass player off the stage.
That’s when I realized Danzig was acting like Guns N’ Roses’ frontman, Axl Rose. It was sad.
My buddy, Scott, turned to me at this moment and said “I’ve lost all respect for this guy.”
Scott had played Danzig songs in various bands.
Then came time for the encore.
People were still screaming for Misfits songs and he got all huffy.
“I’m going to do a song from one of my first two albums, which album!” Danzig shouted.
I don’t recall what he played. The show was awful. Here is this big name in heavy metal acting like a little kid.
I will never see him perform live again.

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