George Lucas: How to destroy a legacy

For 20-plus years, producer/director/crazed megalomaniac George Lucas has been actively and systematically destroying his legendary “Star Wars” trilogy.
In the late ‘90s, Lucas, for reasons unknown only to himself, decided to “enhance” the original films with additional special effects. He then unleashed these horrible mistakes onto the unsuspecting public, who went to the theaters to see better quality film and sound.
I fell victim to this. I remember sitting in the movie theater in horror as weird space aliens appeared in the bar on Tatooine. These added monstrosities were awful.
Then he changed the scene between Han Solo and Greedo. Originally, Han shoots Greedo to evade capture.
In the new version(s), Greedo shoots at Han first. It took a lot of the cool factor for renegade Solo.
Then there was the added scene with Jabba the Hut. My geeky heart sank as the huge monster from “Return Of The Jedi” is slithering around talking to Han. Why? Why was he talking to the guy he had set a bounty on in the first place?
I didn’t bother seeing the other two in the theater. I saw them years later on DVD and was just as horrified.
Now, for the Blu-Ray release of the original trilogy and the awful prequels (I think he made those just to cheapen the original. I mean, who ever wanted to see a whiney Darth Vader?). With these, Lucas, once again caught up in a frenzy, has once again tinkered with all six films. Why? I have no idea.
So now the Ewoks blink. That’s right, Lucas went to the trouble to make these little bear-looking things blink because he can. I watched a clip on You Tube and it was creepy.
Remember at the end of “Revenge Of The Sith,” when we finally got to see Darth Vader (wasted time on three awful films just to get to this point) and he screams “NO!” and kind has a tantrum? Well, we’ll be getting more of that in “Return Of The Jedi” when Vader throws the Emperor to his death.
Yeah, Lucas actually has done this.
As Daniel Kerwin said, “He’s spent more time tinkering with the original movies than actually filming them.”
I could not agree more. When I was little, these movies were the most amazing things I had seen. And now, for the past 20 years, they have been mutilated beyond hope.
It seems Lucas enjoys destroying all the good he has done in this world. Look at that “Indiana Jones” sequel that came out a few years ago. No longer fighting Nazis, but aliens. Dr. Jones fighting aliens. Wow. Well, “Temple Of Doom” can finally escape the label of being the worst of the films.
What’s next? Is he going to add a CGI character to “American Graffiti?” There seems to be no end to his madness.
I, for one, will never spend another dime on any of his ventures again. I’ll stick to the untouched VHS original trilogy and try to forget his 20 years special effects spree that left these films in shambles.

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