Back to Netflix again

The last time I wrote about Netflix, it was about how I preferred it to paying too much for cable TV.
Since then, Netflix changed things. They upped the monthly rate nearly 60 percent and from reading message boards, you’d think the company has committed murder.
But that price increase was for those who want DVDs delivered to their doorstep, thus saving them the daunting trip to a video store (or a Red Box located in a lot of businesses).
So what did I dare do in this situation? I just changed my plan to streaming movies for $2 cheaper than before. Since I rarely had DVDs delivered to me, it was not a big deal.
For others, it’s as if the world is ending and this is the first sign of it.
Now, instead of having the occasional show delivered to me that is not streaming, I might just go to Hulu and get an account there. Most of the shows I watch that are not on premium channels are on there. For an added 10 bucks a month, I’d have Netflix and Hulu. Still cheaper than cable.
But others are reacting insanely. It’s to the point Netflix has a poor stock outlook since everyone is “rebelling” to this company’s “greedy” ways.
Has America come to this? It seems people are more prone to speak out when a fairly cheap luxury gets a little more expensive than other, more important, issues. You know, war, politics, the economy and so forth.
And here is the reason why Netflix did this. They want to get rid of the DVD service and spend more time, money and effort on streaming. People can’t figure it out for some reason, but when this company is using up a lot of Internet space for streaming and the profit margin begins to shrink because of more streaming, then that is more they have to pay for that.
So I’m counter-protesting this ridiculous protest by sticking with Netflix. There needs to be the tiny voice of reason amongst all this madness.

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