Lou Reed and Metallica?

Imagine a crazy, mixed up world where ex-Velvet Underground frontman and punk rock pioneer Lou Reed makes an album with thrash metal pioneers Metallica. Well, this is not a hypothetical world I’m describing, it’s really happening.
I, like many, were absolutely baffled when the news of this collaboration was announced. The album, titled “Lulu” will be released in November and according to those involved on the project, some tracks go beyond the 10-minute mark.
Which is not shocking for either Reed and Metallica. What is surprising is that the sound and styles of both sides are completely different.
Lou Reed is famous for stark, mellow tones and almost whispered, deadpan vocals focusing on the seedier aspects of the world. Metallica is famous for loud, abrasive heavy metal music with throat cutting vocals.
So what will these two give the world? It’s either going to be amazing or just terrible. Both are famous for releasing albums which fall into those camps as well.
And they keep releasing sound clips online as a preview of what is to come. I can’t base any judgement based on 30-second clips.
Is this Lou Reed’s attempt to have some sort of comeback after decades of not releasing anything a sane person would care to listen to? Is this Metallica’s bizarre attempt to appeal to music geeks and record store hipsters?
No matter what this turns out to be, I will probably buy the album out of curiosity. It’s so bizarre that the music geek in me has to experience this album.

3 thoughts on “Lou Reed and Metallica?

  1. The only “terrible” album by Metallica that most fans seem to agree upon is, “St. Anger.” Then of course you have some fans of Newtallica and some fans of Oldtallica.
    I am a fan of both, except, “St. Anger” however, the songs played from that album live are a different story. “Frantic” is amazing live, while IMO, it’s unlistenable from the album.
    Some people take issue with the sound problems on, “Death Magnetic,” but not with the issue of the music itself. I have a clean issue of the CD and have never experienced the sound problems some complain about.
    I’m not a huge fan of Lou Reed, but I don’t dislike him either.
    I don’t know what to think of this collaboration with Reed and ‘tallica. From listening to an interview with Lars Ulrich, it sounds as if Metallica is sort of the backing band for Lou. Could be interesting but it may not be for the pickier bunch.
    I guess I won’t know until I hear the album and I’m always willing to listen to something at least once.
    If it sounds like Lars is playing on trash can lids like in, “St. Anger”, you can be sure I will only listen once.


  2. le son du heavy metal est partout.


  3. Worst album by both artists…Metallica has one good album, Lou Reed is classic. That’s about it. I would rather listen to bacon fat scrap off the pan after a 4 day hangover.


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