Why did they do that? Part one: ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ cartoon

Rarely do I take issue with cartoons. I love the shows on Adult Swim, enjoyed the first decade of “The Simpsons” and love “South Park.”
But in such a creative field as animation, I was shocked to see that a new cartoon coming out is based on a movie that was popular  eight years ago.
Sure, I enjoyed the film “Napoleon Dynamite” when it came out. I still own the DVD of it. But I have dark memories of what that film brought upon pop culture.
After its release, I was working in a T-shirt shop that customized clothing. I ironed on letters, photos and so forth. But when that movie snuck into our collective culture, it was all downhill.
It wasn’t just the fact I probably made thousands of “Vote For Pedro” shirts, but it was how people started talking like characters from the film. I remember being asked by kids if I knew what a “liger” was. For those who have not seen the film, a “liger” is a cross between a lion and tiger.
That movie was quoted so often that there were days I went into work and felt like I was rewatching the movie 20 times in a row. It was like kids owned the script and walked around rehearsing the whole thing.
Eight years later, I thought I would never have to hear that nasally voice of Jon Heder again, obnoxiously talking about how “sweet” things are.
Then I saw the commercial for the “Napoleon Dynamite” cartoon.
There are few times I wish for a show to be cancelled before it airs.
I don’t know how funny it will be. I don’t care. This film does not warrant a cartoon. It worked well as a film alone. I do not care what happened to any of the characters after the credits rolled.
So it raises the question: Why did they do this?
A film that was celebrated almost a decade ago being revived in a cartoon format does not make any sense.
The film was basically a one-trick pony in the humor department, and to spread that out over an animated series is just a bad idea. I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict it will get real old, real fast.
But if it’s a success, prepare to hear all those old quips that were so annoying  eight years ago to make a comeback.

3 thoughts on “Why did they do that? Part one: ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ cartoon

  1. I could not agree more, heck i thought the movie was dumb. Good article!!


  2. 100% disagree, you obviously haven’t seen the cartoon!!!!!


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