Remaking movies: Beating a dead horse

Remaking movies: Beating a dead horse
Hollywood must be running out of original ideas. Think about it; most films coming out are based on comic books, board games (“Battleship?” Really?) and remakes of films barely 20-years old.
While I do enjoy some of these movies (especially Chris Nolan’s Batman films) most should never have seen the light of day.
Now with remakes of films from the 80s such as “Footloose,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and the prospects of “Dirty Dancing” being remade, I feel like the movie industry is on a slippery slope of unoriginality. I mean, remaking “The Evil Dead” with a big budget takes away a cool, do it yourself element of the original’s campiness.
When will it end? Where is the line going to be drawn? How far away are we from seeing a remake of “Reservoir Dogs” with Robert Pattinson taking the role of “Mr. Pink?”
 The only remake I’ve seen out of the seemingly endless stream of them was “True Grit.” That was a fantastic film, but I generally enjoy most of the Cohen brothers’ movies.
I understand the comic book movies. They come and go all the time. Great source when screen writers are in slumps. I’ll watch them, but in the end, for every one “Dark Knight” there are 20 “Green Lanterns.”
The board game genre is baffling to me. How they made a movie out of “Battleship” I’ll never know. I’m guessing there will at least be one line where a character grumbles in an angry voice “You sank my battleship!”
But like the others I pick on, there has been a board game film I enjoy, and that is the movie “Clue.” And even that film may be remade, as it has an IMDB profile for it slated for 2013.
Then there sequels. These are pumped out every year and they are usually not all that good. Look at “Transformers,” a film that destroyed a TV show I enjoyed in my youth. It did not warrant a sequel, but I guess CGI robots make bank and doesn’t require plot and acting.
And the “Indiana Jones” sequel that came out a few years ago? I watched 15 minutes of it, realized it was about aliens and just changed the channel. I want to remember Dr. Jones as an architect/Nazi fighter than an alien chaser.
I see there will be a sequel to the mediocre 1996 film, “Independence Day.” Why? The original is 14 years old. It was what it was and should be kept that way. That’s how I felt about “The Matrix.”
The first one was great. But I refused to watch the sequels. I saw no point in them. And from what I’ve heard, I was correct in making that decision. I haven’t heard a good thing about those sequels.
And then there is George Lucas. Re-releasing his “Star Wars” films in the theaters, only this time in 3D! I’m sorry, but I think Jar Jar Binks will be only more annoying popping out a screen than before. Someone should tell old George his terrible prequels will not be any better just because they are in 3D.
So, Hollywood, please find writers who have original ideas for original films. You’re kind of going overboard with this.

1 thought on “Remaking movies: Beating a dead horse

  1. Love this. Totally agree. Are they really remaking Clue? I saw what you did on IMDB, but haven’t been able to find much else. It’s one of my very favorite movies, so I’m really nervous they’re going to ruin it. I love that it’s based on a board game. At the same time, I will not being seeing Battleship. They need to be picky.


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