Return of Monty Python?

There have been recent rumblings that the comedy troupe, Monty Python, will reunite for some unknown project (i.e. movie).
They recently participated in a film project based on the (kinda) memoirs of their dead co-Python, Graham Chapman. And they have somewhat lessened their venom at one another over the years, getting together so they can add a bunch of special features to the special editions of three of their films, “Holy Grail,” “Life Of Brian” and “Meaning Of Life.”
But even as Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and John Cleese all seem to be on board with reuniting after decades of kind of not liking one another, the lone hold out on a Python reunion is the one guy who spent those decades working on numerous Python-related stuff. That would be Eric Idle, who gave Broadway “Spamalot,” a musical based on Python sketches and films.
But, the Pythons claiming a reunion has been bantered about since the early 2000s and I’m not holding my breath. Would it be cool? Sure, but would it be as good with one of the original members dead and the others having mostly retired from comedy for a while now? I doubt it.

1 thought on “Return of Monty Python?

  1. Les monty python, je les avais de9couvert fin des anne9es 80/de9but des anne9es 90 sur Arte. Moi, grand amaeutr de l’oeuvre de Harvey Kurtzman, de Mad et de Crumb, j’e9tais devenu fan des Monty Python et de l’humour britannique en ge9ne9ral. Pour les diverses se9ries que j’ai pu voir, j’ai toujours eu l’impression que la pire se9rie d’humour britannique sera toujours plus drf4le que la meilleure se9rie d’humour frane7aise (e0 part Kamelott). Bref, je suis en train de visionner les 4 saisons des Monty Python, je vous les recommande ainsi que la se9rie Blackadder (avec Rowan Atkinson et Hugh Laurie) ou l’unique show de Rowan Atkinson.


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