Just Go Away: Courtney Love

If there is one person left over from the grunge era who has more than overstayed her welcome, it would be Hole front woman Courtney Love.
Sure, in the ’90s we all had our chuckles watching her downward spiral into what we all hoped would eventually be obscurity, or at the least, rehab.
But every few years, she pops up in our radars, acting like a lunatic. Remember when she sued the surviving members of Nirvana? Or her various tweets on Twitter that always seem to land her in some sort of legal battle?
Now her target is … The Muppets. Yes, Courtney Love is so hard up for attention these days (her upcoming memoir has been a laughing stock of the message boards online) so she attacks poor Kermit and the gang for the use of her late husband’s song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”
Now, it’s a good song. The Muppets are just awesome. The fact that Kurt Cobain should be honored by The Muppets is pretty cool.
Love claims the use of the song sullies it, but those who have actually listened to the lyrics know the song is essentially a bunch of random words thrown together and mumbled by Cobain.
Perhaps Courtney Love just needs the attention. The fact that most people wrote off her band after “Live Through This” (which many secretly think was ghost-written by Cobain) probably nags her.
But be that as it may, Love has been a train wreck since the early ’90s. How she was allowed to raise a kid for 17 years is downright insane. That poor kid, Francis Bean Cobain (yeah, this is what happens when parents are on drugs, they name their kids awkwardly) probably never knew what a normal life is like. Her father is an icon (debatable), and her mom is a drug-addled modern-day crackpot, who has been on both crack and pot.
Remember when Courtney Love released that solo album of hers? Yeah, me neither.
So, why can’t she just go away. Duck down from the limelight and get rid of her Twitter account. Her tweets rival Kanye West in insanity.
I’m sure her memoirs will become Internet cannon fodder, and she will do something insane, and then, like a Yetti, wander off into wherever the heck she dwells.

1 thought on “Just Go Away: Courtney Love

  1. Doc, and others: I’m aware of the prbolems, but all I’m saying is that she looks happy there, Francis looks happy, they are doing something wholesome, and I wish them well. Love won custody of the child back, last January, and presumably she’s really done something positive for herself. She doesn’t need people telling her she got fat or rubbing the past in her face all the time.Thanks for the link to the larger picture, which is much more flattering. Much as I like Go Fug Yourself (linked in the original post), I think it’s mean to pick the most unflattering angle on a person who’s gained a lot of weight. GFY does a good job of being just mean enough to people, actually. Even on this one. But still… I’m glad to see the nicer picture.I’ve always thought a lot of Courtney’s antics were an act, as I’ve written on this blog before: .


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