Beatles, 2.0?

Recently, Sir Paul McCartney’s son, James McCartney, announced an idea he’s been kicking around having the sons of the Beatles group together and dreams of becomeing something “better than The Beatles.”
Yup, not surprising that such an announcement would come from a McCartney (Paul being somewhat infamous in the 70s by leaking potential Beatle reunion rumors that would never happen).
He said that Sean Lennon and Dhani Harrison are “into” the idea. Seems a little surprising, seeing that Dhani Harrison is much like his father and doesn’t spend much time in the limelight and Sean Lennon spends his musical ventures in the indie circuit. Plus Zak Starkey (Ringo’s kid) already plays with The Who and other bands.
But this is more about how disgusting this idea even is. The Beatles are classic. Not everyone likes them, but most know who they are and many who don’t like them sometimes admit they had talent.
Not that the Beatle offspring are untalented. This is more about James McCartney basically riding his father’s coattails to such an extent.
Does James, Sean, Dhani and Zak have the chops to make music. Sure. Will the music work with them performing together? Maybe. But will it be, as in James vision, better than The Beatles. I can honestly say no, no it will not.
But the arrogance of this guy is sick. He’d be happy just to “be equal to The Beatles.” First off, who is James McCartney? I’ve heard of the other three, enjoyed some of Sean’s music, but in 10 years of working in record stores I never once heard of James McCartney.
Secondly, there is no “equal to The Beatles.” That is ridiculous. It would be like the children of The Rolling Stones boasting such a thing.
Of course, when I first heard this, my first thought was “This guy needs money.” That is usually my first reaction to most news I consider insane. But his dad is a billionaire, a former Beatle and I’m pretty sure he’d help out his own child.
So, why is this guy going on BBC and throwing around such ideas? It seems like a cheap publicity stunt. I seriously could not see Sean, Dhani or Zak being “into” this idea, because it seems like something none of them would be into.
So, James McCartney, just get back to where you once belonged, obscurity.

1 thought on “Beatles, 2.0?

  1. While we’re on the Beatles, Lennon & McCartney wrote/published/performed somewhere aorund 250 songs together. Yesterday is reported to be the most recorded song of all time. There are another 15 that are universally recognized and endearing. Without meaning to anger devout fans, the majority of the rest will probably pass with time. There probably many more that died before birth. Something like one gem in ten (not that different from the ratio of success to failure reported for entrepreneurial startups. A ratio that turns out to be inaccurate, by the way. )It’s a better strategy for both an artist and an entrepreneur to have enough works that one is a hit. Fail fast and cheap and learn.


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