How I almost got tricked into getting a Hulu Plus account

Well played Hulu Plus. You almost got me. You once had all these amazing shows and I was just about to sign up for your monthly subscription.
But, suddenly, most of the TV shows I enjoyed watching on your website (most notably the FX channel’s content) disappeared.
Gone. Poof! Just like a red shirt in the original “Star Trek,” the programs I wanted to watch were gone.
But that wasn’t what broke the deal. I justified to myself that if you had “Seinfeld” I would give you another chance.
Nope. “Seinfeld,” “The League,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Sons of Anarchy” are not available on your site.
Plus, I hear you still run those annoying ads during commercial breaks.
The shows I do watch, suffice to say, are already available to me through Netflix.
Now I read that you are thinking about only offering your content to people who have cable TV. Well, if I got cable TV with a DVR, that sort of makes having Hulu Plus pointless.
You almost had me. If FX programs were available, you had “Seinfeld” and there were no ads, you would have won me over. But you failed.
I dodged a bullet with you, Hulu Plus. If I hadn’t done my research, I would have been suckered in. I’ll stick to my Netflix and Cackle (which has some episodes of “Seinfeld” for free).

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