R. Kelly, King of the Crazies

R. Kelly is many things. Talented, innovative and most of all insane.
I won’t delve into all the incredibly jaw-dropping antics in his life, but I will point out a few I find just amazing.
First, his straight to DVD musical opus, “Trapped in the Closet.” For those not familiar, the premise is Kelly is fooling around with some woman, her husband comes home and Kelly is trapped in their closet.
And this is when things begin to get weird. Kelly narrates the goings on for the next hour or so which includes a preacher, cops, a midget, guns, drugs and “The Package.”
But here is the kicker. The DVD has a commentary with Kelly describing what he’s describing in the song! It’s nuts! It’s like being sucked into the fourth dimension.
This year he announced more chapters to the most ridiculous story I’ve ever seen on film. But it is so crazy that every time I watch it, I laugh so hard tears run down my cheek. It’s just amazing.
The next amazing thing I find about Kelly is that he wrote a book coming out this week called “Soulacoaster:?The Diary of Me.” The title alone is epic. I have not read it yet, due to it not out as I write this, but I will own this gem. How could I not own a book with a title like that.
And finally, this year I read that he just plumb forgot to pay his taxes this year. Of all the bad excuses, this takes the cake. He was just one step away from saying “I didn’t want to pay them.” I mean, how can a multi-millionaire with managers and accountants “forget” to pay taxes? Answer, they don’t. I can see some kid who flips burgers at McDonald’s who is 16 forgetting to do his taxes, but not R. Kelly.
So thank you, R.Kelly, for so many years of you just being you and entertaining the rest of us.

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