A few weeks ago I attended a bluegrass-folk-alt-whatever show at the Cabooze in Minneapolis. It was Pert Near Sandstone’s Backyard BBQ featuring many local acts from the metro area.
I love the metro area’s bluegrass scene. I went to many of these shows in college and covered a few of them for the college paper.
Now, I’m sure most people who read this might be a little confused that I love this sort of music, since I have written mostly about hip hop, rock and indie rock. But for some reason, this music just blows my mind.
This show was great. One of the acts that stood out to me was Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lappelles. I have heard of this band from various friends online, but never paid much attention. But they were like a mix of Allision Kraus and Modest Mouse, which still makes my brain hurt trying explain.
There was also the Pistol Whippin’ Party Penguins, which is another great bluegrass band.
Before the main act, Pert Near Sandstone, was a bluegrass supergroup of some kind whose name I have forgotten. I think I forgot because of how terrible they were. It featured many members of the bands mentioned above plus members of Trampled By Turtles and White Iron Band. I thought with that kind of talent, it would be great.
Instead, they sounded like a mix of the Eagles and Crosby, Stills and Nash. That was a combination of sounds that just grated my ears. It didn’t help the lead singer sounded uncannily like Don Henley, a musician I have despised my whole life.
But Pert Near Sandstone stole the show. The group had guests come on stage to perform with them, including the guitarist from the White Iron Band, who eerily looked like a spot on Charlie Daniels from the 1970s.
Over all, the show was a fun experience. Hanging out with friends I have not seen in almost a year or more just added to the great experience.

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