The Great BluRay Con

Don’t let that headline be misleading, I love BluRay films and shows. The sound is much crisper, the picture is crisp and amazing…for most.
As I recently discovered, certain shows and films actually look not so hot on BluRay.
A month a go, Amazon had an amazing 55 percent off the four seasons of “Breaking Bad.” I love this program, as I have mentioned in a previous post, but was somewhat disturbed by the picture quality of the first two seasons.
This bothered me for some time. I popped in season three and season four, and those looked incredible. But seasons one and two look grainy and kind of awful.
At first, I though perhaps my TV was broken, but when I popped in other BluRay discs, they looked incredible.
Somewhat frustrated, I got a hold of a buddy of mine to see if he has experienced anything like this himself. He had. He told me when something is not filmed in high definition, the picture quality is subpar.
This raised another question for me: how do I know something was filmed in HD? And why are some films I own on BluRay look great that were filmed before HD filming existed? I’m guessing that whomever is overseeing the quality is responsible. Still, I’m not happy that I own something in a better format that looks better on a regular DVD.
Since the first two seasons did not set me back a lot of cash, I’ll let it go. But from now on I am going to have to do some investigating before I buy anything else in this format.

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