Black Friday

Throngs of people trample over one another in a desperate battle of winning a prize. No, this is not the premise of “The Hunger Games” or “Battle Royal;” this is the jaw-dropping tradition called Black Friday. It is such an frightening day, it sounds literally like the title of a Black Sabbath album.

I have never really participated in Black Friday. I worked retail for years, so when I went to lunch technically I was “buying” something during Black Friday. But those years of working the day after Thanksgiving gave me a jaded view on this annual shop-fest day. Basically, from my experiences, 99 percent of people shopping on this day are in bad moods and yell, scream, whine and blather obscenities when they can’t get the deal they want. But it is somewhat understandable: these folks have probably been up since 4 a.m. and are competing with one another. And nobody likes losing in any competition. Just don’t tell the poor person working they ruined your Christmas because the item you want is out of stock (yes, someone once told me that).

This year I did begin my holiday shopping on Black Friday — on Amazon. Now, I do not have anything against going into actual stores to purchase items for most of the year. But, come Black Friday through Christmas Eve, I shop online. I do this for my own sanity. I do not enjoy battling for a parking space, to rush around a store full of people and kids screaming, to waiting in long lines to either find stuff or to check-out, then to battle on the road with a lot of traffic to get home.

That kind of stuff gives me panic attacks. And I’d rather do without those.

So, for the holidays I shop online. From the comfort of my home. It’s easier for me to concentrate on what I want to buy and cuts down on most of my “impulse purchases.”

Anyway, here is a picture of President Richard Nixon meeting RoboCop. Have a great weekend!

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