‘Back To The Future’ Raises Some Questions

I love the “Back to the Future” trilogy. They are among the rare breed of films that I can basically happen upon and binge watch without realizing it until they are over.

Yet, there are some issues I have with these films. Issues that I didn’t think of as a child because I was a little kid and wasn’t in tune with science, theories and philosophies. I was in tune with Kool-Aid Nintendo. Because I was a little kid.

So here are some of the issues I have with this trilogy.

1. Doc Brown is a horrible scientist

Sure, he built a time machine out of a DeLorean, gizmos and hard work. He also used illegal plutonium acquired from a terrorist organization to get that sucker running through time. Why does Doc Brown hang out with a teenager, a dog and terrorists cells? He sounds more like a dangerous man on edge with nothing left to lose than a lovable time machine creator.

Also, he seems pretty flippant with regard to altering timelines. His 1955 self seemed more cautious about this, probably because he at this point was not on the fringe buying high grade plutonium from shady terrorists in deserted parking lots of malls in 1980s America. 1955 Doc Brown was almost overly cautious with Marty McFly about altering anything. But the whole premise of “BTTF II” was about altering time, in the future. Who does this man think he is? Because of him, this kid McFly has to fix all these alterations in time because Doc Brown is, as I said, a horrible scientist.

2. The Tannen Family and Evolution

Biff Tannen, the villain of the first two films, is basically an idiot bully. Typical archetype for any film bad guy. The problem really begins in “BTTF II” when we meet his grandson, Griff Tannen. Now, physical family traits being shared is a part of nature, but I think, based on many viewings of these films, is that the Tannen’s stopped evolving at some point. How could a grandson look, talk and behave exactly like his grandfather did at his age? It’s either a stunted evolution, or the bloodlines are as shallow as an empty pool, which raises more troubling questions I’m not prepared to delve into.

The messed up part is Biff and Griff are 100 percent identical to their 1885 relative, Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen.

Also, Marty is a split image of his relative from 1885, Seamus McFly as well as his own son, whom he tries to help in Doc “Horrible Scientist” Brown’s crackpot plan in the second film.

3. Marty Invents Rock N Roll

This really irks me about the first film. Chuck Berry’s cousin, during the school dance, hears Marty playing a highly distorted, Van Halen-esque version of “Johnny B. Goode.” One, there is no way McFly could make sounds like that on a guitar in 1955. Two, when he sings, it doesn’t sound anything like Marty. It’s embarrassing.

4. Hoverboards

I’m just upset we still, to this day, do not have hoverboards.

I could go on, but I feel this is enough for now. I really enjoy these films. Anyway, here’s a picture of Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel and fighting Nazis.


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