I watched some curling, pond hockey and people dressed like the band Kiss jump into Lake Bemidji today. It was the Winterfest, an event that takes place in the outdoors. And it’s all on the lake.

I’ve done a frozen lake jump before. Back when I lived in southwest Minnesota. It’s a shock to the system, I blacked out for a second or two and then felt great for a week. Why? I have no idea.

But this got me to thinking about this winter. This winter has been brutal. Like, “Hoth from ‘Empire Strikes Back'” brutal. I can honestly say at this point, I’m officially done with winter.

Maybe it’s because we had an extended winter last year. I mean, there was still snow on the ground in May.

This month marks one full year since I moved to Bemidji. And it’s felt like it has been nine months of winter. And here in Bemidji, I know if it’s going to be subarctic outside based on the sun. If the sun is shining, then watch out because sunshine equals the coldest day you’ll ever experience.

It was so cold in January I had to pour four bottles of HEET into my gas tank just to unfreeze my fuel lines. In one night.

So, I’m officially done with winter. It has overstayed its welcome, as far as I’m concerned. I hope we see an early spring, because I’ve had enough of this weather.

Anyway, here’s a picture of people dressed like Kiss jumping into Lake Bemidji (photo by Monte Draper for the Bemidji Pioneer):

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