‘Fargo’ Looking Pretty Good; My Plans For The Show

The first seven minutes of the upcoming “Fargo” TV series has been released, and it certainly looks, sounds and feels true to the source material that was the 90s flick by the same name.

We find out that Martin Freeman’s “Lester Nygaard” works and apparently lives in a fictionalized Bemidji. We see a Bemidji water tower, but no sign of Paul and Babe — yet.

The funny accents are back (brace yourselves fellow Minnesotans for the mockery). We see Lester and his wife talking — more like her using the old fashioned Minnesotan passive aggressive way of cutting him down. Also, she brings up something called “JELL-O salad” which as a lifelong Minnesotan I cannot say I have ever heard of (but then again, I refer to casseroles as “casseroles,” not “hot dish”).

I don’t want to spoil the whole first several minutes, so let’s just say we learn that some of the show takes place in Bemidji, and Billy Bob Thornton’s character has questionable baggage in the trunk of his car.

With that, here are my (and others’) plans for “Fargo.”

Starting April 15, I will be live tweeting each episode. I will try to avoid spoilers, but I cannot promise they will not slip through. My Twitter handle is @JosephBemidji.

After each episode, I will write up a blog about it. The blog will more than likely contain spoilers. Who am I kidding, they will most definitely  contain spoilers. I plan to have the blog up about an hour after the show is over (though with my work duties this may not always be the case).

Since I don’t exclusively blog about “Fargo,” each one regarding the show will be headlined “‘Fargo: Episode 1, NAMEOFEPISODE.”

That is the plan for now. This sounds like it will be a fun little experiment .


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