‘Fargo’ Episode 8: The Heap

Talk about a twist.

It’s a pretty gutsy thing for a 10-episode run of a series to suddenly leap one year into the future — especially on the eighth episode. And with a lot of strings seemingly still in the air. It created more questions than answers.

First off, I want to mention it’s some good writing in this series that had me silently rooting for Lester to stand up for himself in the first few episodes to having me be pretty disgusted with the character by the seventh episode and pretty much hating him by the eighth. That is quite the turnaround.

Now, we see that a year after Molly returned to the police force that Lester’s brother did, in fact, end up taking the fall for the crimes he committed or set in motion . Lester is remarried, and is a success at his job.

Molly and Gus are married, with a child on the way. Gus is doing what he originally wanted to do in life — delivering mail as a mailman. Molly is still an officer.

And it ends with quite the run-in for Lester. After accepting an award in Las Vegas and trolling for infidelity, he sees a familiar face across the bar — Malvo.

It will be quite the last two episodes coming up, but I don’t think Lester’s moment at the top is going to last long.


* Gina Hess (Kate Walsh) says what is perhaps most sexually graphic things in two sentences that I’ve heard on TV that wasn’t HBO.

* I want to see more of Mr. Wrench and I hope that he is now working for Malvo.

* Molly still hasn’t forgotten the events and is still convinced Lester is the true culprit.

* As silly as Malvo’s haircut was, his locks in the Vegas bar are more disturbing.

I’m really curious how they plan to wrap this up. I’ll be back live tweeting on Tuesday. Episode review will be up at its normal time.

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