A New Pink Floyd Album?

Earlier this week, it was announced that Pink Floyd, the band that gave the world classic albums such as “Dark Side of the Moon” and “The Wall,” will be releasing their first album of original music in 20 years. And my first reaction was a painful groan. It’s not because I dislike the band; on the contrary, Pink Floyd is my favorite band. It just never seems like a good idea when bands 30 years past their prime decide to release new music.

The new album, “The Endless River” is made up of left-over material from the “Division Bell” sessions. Okay, I liked that album. The music was solid and the lyrics were weak (all their lyrics were weak after the departure of main songwriter Roger Waters).

Now, if this happened say, 15-years ago when my interest in new Pink Floyd material was stronger and Richard Wright was still alive, I would be pumped. Maybe in my old age I have grown more jaded and cynical, but I’m finding it hard to muster up a whole lot of interest in this project.

Here is my issue: “The Division Bell” was a perfectly logical place for the band to stop. It made up for the horrendous “A Momentary Lapse of Reason.” It was a solid Pink Floyd album. Heck, one of my favorite authors, Douglas Adams, gave the album its title.

And I’m not a Roger Waters elitist. I think he did destroy the band with his ego after “The Final Cut.” I find that album and “Division Bell” as equals. “Cut” had the incredible lyrics whereas “Bell” had much more interesting music.

Honestly, I’m partial to the acid freak rock of the Syd Barrett led “Piper at the Gates of Dawn.” That album is just brilliant.

But back to my issues with this. On one hand, the fact that there is going to be new music (and what is called pianist Richard Wright’s swansong) is cool. Waters is reportedly not involved, but I think they proved they can make a Floyd album without him.

On the other hand, taking old, unreleased tracks, overdubbing them and releasing them as a brand new studio album just doesn’t feel right. Wright has no say on it because he’s been dead for years. Drummer Nick Mason has always been the guy who just goes along. I love David Gilmour’s voice and guitar tone, but he has flubbed projects in the past.

When it comes out, I will buy it because I am a completeist. I own everything else they have done (including solo albums). I have bootlegs of shows and unreleased studio material. I just hope it does the band’s name justice.

The Wall, Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Animals, Wish you Were Here, Obscured By Clouds, Dark Side of the Moon and Meddle are my top Floyd albums.

Anyway, here is a photo of Shaun Michaels shockingly kicking Marty Jannetty in the face.

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