‘Fargo’ Gets a Second Season

Aw jeez, it’s happening again.

It was announced that the FX series, “Fargo” will be getting a second installment. And the brilliant mind behind the critically acclaimed TV run, Noah Hawley, will once again be the showrunner of the second (technically, third if you count the movie) go-around in the “Fargo” universe.

Not much is known about what the second season will be about. I hope it deals with the topic of what happened in Sioux Falls, S.D. that was brought up more than a few times in season one. I think that would be interesting for the series to go into another realm of the Midwest. And taking it out of the Bemidji area would mean I won’t live-tweet every episode. I do plan on writing a review of each episode though, because that was a lot of fun. The tweeting often distracted me from the show, so I’d prefer to just blog my thoughts.

Though it still may be filmed in Calgary, so keeping the show in the Bemidji area isn’t impossible, but I would say highly unlikely.

Anyway, I was happy to hear the show is coming back. I hope it doesn’t suffer from a sophomore slump, but I think with Hawley writing and producing, that won’t be a problem.


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