‘Fargo’ Heading to Luverne and Sioux Falls

Well, my guess was correct.
The second season of “Fargo” will deal with the mystery case that was brought up a bunch of times in season one that happened in Sioux Falls, S.D. So it will jump back in time to 1979.
It will also take place in a town I lived close to for two years while working at the Daily Globe in Worthington.
The show will take place in Luverne as well.
Either this show is following places I’ve lived in Minnesota or I have lived in mostly unique Minnesota areas that people seem to find “quirky.”
This is pretty cool to me. For season one, I was here in Bemidji where the show took place.
The second season takes place in the past and it features I town I lived near in the past. And, I always passed through it on my way to Sioux Falls.
That’s a pretty cool coincidence.
It will be interesting to hear what my friends in Southwest Minnesota say about the show when it depicts a fictionalized version of their neck of the woods.
Plot-wise, it will follow a young Lou Solverson, back from the Vietnam war in 1979, where he encounters a case that was said in season one to have had bodies that were “stacked so high, you could’ve climbed to the second floor.”
His daughter, Molly (played in season one by breakout star Allison Tolman) will be 4-years-old in the series.
None of the actors from the first season will be returning for season two. Which some people may not like, but I am open to it. Given how interesting the characters in season one, I’d prefer not having to stretch them too thin.
Plus it allows new talent to add something new and different to the series.
Suffice to say, I’m pretty excited for the second go-around with the series.

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