Another Unnecessary Sequel: ‘Tremors 5’


Much like all my childhood television shows and films that have been terrorized by subterranean monsters of the Hollywood establishment, swallowed up from below and regurgitated into a needless sequel/reboot, the cult film “Tremors” is seeing a fifth installment go straight to DVD and BluRay obscurity.

“Tremors” was an odd movie about a small town that is being terrorized by giant worm monsters that starred Kevin Bacon. And it was a perfectly fine odd-ball horror-comedy. I mean, seeing the dad from “Family Ties” blowing these monsters up with ridiculously insane weaponry with Kevin Bacon is worth a viewing for the novelty alone. Even better if you and your friends rip on it during.

I knew that there was a “Tremors 2.” I believe I watched it and probably hated it because I have no real memories about the actual film. The fact there was a third and fourth installment kind of took me by surprise, because I had no idea they existed until I saw the headline for “Tremors 5.”

And the people involved are veterans of unnecessary sequels. Director Don Michael Paul is known for “Jarhead 2” (seriously? While I really liked “Jarhead” it was not a film that screamed “franchise.”) and “Sniper: Legacy” (again, I did not watch the original “Sniper” back in 1993 and think this needs multiple installments!)It is being produced by Ogden Gavanski, better known as they guy who produced “Scorpion King 4.” Again, unaware of the second and third sequels to the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spin-off of “The Mummy” films.

So now, “Tremors 5” will star Jamie Kennedy (who is now experiencing a cruel practical joke that life can sometimes throws one’s way by being in the “Tremors” franchise, and I doubt Ashton Kutcher will pop out of a van screaming he’s been punked anytime soon) and Michael Gross (the mentioned above father from “Family Ties”).

It is set for release in October, perfectly timed to be ignored this Halloween season.

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