I Don’t Think We Need ‘Heroes Reborn’

Sometimes TV shows deserve to comeback after being mercilessly cut down by the powers that be. Shows like “Twin Peaks,” “Community” and “Arrested Development” quickly come to mind. They had the quality writing, the cast and everything else that left us wanting more.

Then there are shows that simply ran too long and got too convoluted. NBC’s 2006-2010 superhero series “Heroes” fits that category. It went on for four seasons, two of which were not very good. The show had a promising premise (if not almost a ripoff of “X-Men”) of people discovering they have super powers and an organization trying to hunt them down and a solid first season.

Toward the end of its second season, it began to spiral into depths of awful. By the shows end, where they were battling carnival folk, it was unwatchable. It was a show that deserved the ax. Even a lot of its core fanbase had given up on the show.

So it came as a pretty confusing surprise when NBC announced they will be bringing the show back for a 13-episode mini-series this summer called “Heroes Reborn.” Confusing in that I was not aware there was any demand for a revival of a show that jumped the shark early on, and continued to do so for three more seasons much to the frustration of the show’s fans.

Not surprising is that most of the original cast are not returning, especially Zachary Quinto who played the show’s antagonist Sylar, because I’d imagine going through the kind of thing that was the final two seasons could not have been an overly positive thing to remember.

So “Heroes Reborn” will come this summer, with one original cast member (Jack Coleman will reprise his role as Noah Bennet). A teaser was aired during the Super Bowl.

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