Sunday Is Oscar Night, But I’ll Be Watching ‘Walking Dead’



On Sunday, a city will be overtaken by a sea of soulless monsters with dead eyes and incoherent ramblings, raging with an insatiable hunger to dominate. Onlookers will watch this carnival of horror in shock and awe — at this seemingly never ending parade of gluttony, greed, envy and pride. I, on the other hand, will avoid this disturbing event known as the Academy Awards and will watch a bunch of characters over at AMC surviving a zombie holocaust on “The Walking Dead.”

Since I am not the cinephile I once was, and have only seen maybe two movies released last year (neither nominated as far as I know), the Academy Awards really offers nothing for me this year. I want to see “Birdman” and “Boyhood,” but since I haven’t yet, I really can’t make an argument for either of them during the awards. But you can participate with others in a live blog over at and Sunday night.

For me, this season of “The Walking Dead” has been pretty great. From the cannibals at Terminus (that trough scene was nuts — and disturbing to say the least), that creepy hospital full of deranged authority figures, to losing (SPOILERS) Beth and Tyreese. And in the trailer for Sunday night’s episode, it looks like Glen might get bit by a walker. I am not missing this for anything.

So, I will be watching “Walking Dead.” If I have good enough cell reception, I will live tweet it (no reviews, those are for “Better Call Saul” and when “Fargo” returns). This has been the wife and I’s tradition since the start of this season, and making a night out of zombie gore may not sound conventional, it sure is fun.

To follow me Sunday night for the “Walking Dead,” my twitter handle is @josephbemidji

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