‘Community’ Season 6 Trailer Released


The fabled sixth season of the cult-comedy show “Community” continues to tease fans — many who had seen the show mercilessly knocking upon Death’s door and beating the odds of cancellation for the five seasons it aired on NBC — with various online photo and video promotions.

Last May, when NBC finally nixed the show after season five, the cries of those who had loudly tweeted #sixseasonsandamovie were suddenly silenced once they found out Yahoo had saved the show at the last moment. Now, on March 17, those fans will finally begin the journey of watching this almost mythical season. It was a long battle to get here, and we have lost some key characters along the way (like Pierce, Troy and Shirley) but alas the fruits of the online campaigns have paid off.

No word yet if we will be able to get that movie.

Now we have a three-minute window into what to expect from the new season. The trailer shows two new cast members (Paget Brewster and Kieth David replacing Yvette Nicole Brown and Jonathan Banks). Brewster is introduced by Dean Pelton as “new Shirley” and David tells the group he has a brain the size of Jupiter and is “nobody’s fourth Ghostbuster.” The trailer is a play on the new “Avengers” movie, and has a bunch of various clips playing upon the insanity that is Greendale Community College (I’m excited to see where the “Karate Kid” references go).

So let us welcome the Age of Yahoo, for it gave us what many claimed was the impossible — a sixth season of a show about a study group at a community college.

The show will be streamed via Yahoo Screen, which has apps available for these products:
* AirPlay
* Android phone
* Apple TV
* iPad
* iPhone
* Roku
* Xbox 360

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