Hollywood’s Next Unnecessary Remake: ‘Scarface’


OK, those of you living in college apartments, frat houses and dorms: Your “Scarface” posters from the 1983 hit film are about to look as ridiculous as your father’s 1932 “Scarface” film posters did back in 1983. That’s because, once again, Hollywood has decided to take something perfectly fine and make it perfectly finer! Or just remake another hit film from three decades ago for a quick buck.

That’s right, it was announced that Jonathan Herman, who just wrote the N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” will pen the rag-to-riches story about someone rising to the top through crime, drugs, bloodshed and maybe a chainsaw. The film, to be directed by Pablo Larraín, will be set in modern day Los Angeles, a far cry in weather and atmosphere than the Brian De Palma 80’s film, which took place in the chilly and barren city of Fargo Miami. Well, the 1932 film took place in Chicago, so this remake is at least going to be totally different than that one.

Of course the question is, why remake a film that was a genre defining landmark in the 80s? It took the premise of the 30’s original, coupled it with the Cuban-American politics of the time, and made a classic film. I mean, there are times you take a chance and swing for the fences creatively, but remaking “Scarface” is like remaking “The Godfather” in that it shouldn’t be considered. But it is, and it is being remade.

So it’s time to prepare toss aside all those ancient and antiquated quotes from the Pacino film you repeat ad nauseam and look to the future. A future of newer quotes to bug your friends and family with until, 30 years later, a fourth remake is announced.



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