More Episodes Of ‘Arrested Development’ Coming — Allegedly

arrested development

Now a story of a cult TV show that got cancelled, and the powers that be who had no choice but to keep saying they will eventually bring the cast back together. It’s “Arrested Development.” 

It has been said that when one door is closed, a window is opened. And after a holiday weekend where one cult television show seemed to hit a giant snag, a window was opened by the god of canceled television shows. And as longtime fans of “Arrested Development” can attest, the odds of that window staying open and not slamming down upon their dreams can be about 50/50.

The show’s producer Brian Grazer, who may have sat upon a metaphoric throne made the skulls of fan expectations over the years while presumably wolfing down handfuls of candy beans, told Bill Simmons on his podcast that at least one more season is currently in development. “I love ‘Arrested Development,’ but it was never a huge thing … But people are loyal to it. We’re going to do another 17 episodes, so stay tuned for ‘Arrested Development.'” Grazer coyly slipped, knowing full well fans would hop on this nugget of information and allow their expectations to run wild with joy. Because when people talk “Arrested Development,” you’re definitely going to get hop-ons.

The fact the fourth season ended on a cliffhanger, and Netflix’s comments that they are interested in more of the show, helps the prospects of a fifth season. The show’s creator, Mitch Hurwitz, has stated this is a three arc structure (with season four being act one). So that leaves two more seasons, if he is to be believed.

But like being taught life lessons by a sadistic one-armed man, fans are more cautious than ever about these announcements and will proceed with caution.

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