Marilyn Manson Was Punched In The Face At A Denny’s In Canada


While you may have been sitting in a candle-lit room — dressed in black, reading Edgar Allan Poe and listening to the haunting vocals of the Joy Division — Marilyn Manson has once again one-upped your disappoint-your-parents credentials in an act that is so ridiculous that you might as well wash all that black mascara off and bleach your hair. Because you will probably never top this moment of horror embarrassment.

In a situation where the headline pretty much sums the story up, the shock rocker was punched in the face at a Denny’s in Canada. That’s right. Punched in the face. At a Denny’s — in Canada. It is perhaps the most shocking thing Manson has been involved in since the late 90s. It’s almost a riddle wrapped in an enigma at this point.

After performing a show in Alberta, Canada, the 46-year-old musician went to a Denny’s — perhaps to indulge in the deadly sin of gluttony with a Grand Slamwich. There is no report on what devilishly delicious menu items he may have obscenely consumed, but one thing seems for sure, he got punched in the face by a patron during this debauched evening of rock music and breakfast foods.

According to TMZ — a media source that many believe to be evil incarnate — the patron claims to have punched the musician after a brief argument that resulted in Manson allegedly calling the man’s girlfriend a rude name. Manson claims he was sucker punched while signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, and plans to sue his attacker. A witness has corroborated Manson’s version of events.

Denny’s, for its part, has spoken out on the situation:

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