And Here Is The Official ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer

Batman vs Superman

Sometimes there is no justice in this world. A world of darkness, despair and leaked Batman movie trailers.

Just when the world was heralding the glimpse of heroics in a galaxy far, far away, the criminal underworld released another, darker glimpse. This glimpse in the form of a shaky cellphone video shows a world paranoid of super human beings wreaking havoc upon them. A glimpse in which philosophies toward such beings are debated. A glimpse in which a statue of Superman is defaced with blood red graffiti declaring “False God.” A glimpse in which Ben Affleck stares angrily at a rubber bat-like cowl.

And now, due to that leaked glimpse, we now have an HD version. For the evils of society had gone too far and swift justice came, in the form of Warner Bros. just releasing a better version of that “Batman v Superman” trailer.

Here is the trailer:

Notice how dark it is, how moody everything seems to be? “Do you bleed?” we hear an even growlier-than-Bale-voiced Batman ask Superman. “You will.”

In all actuality, this trailer doesn’t really reveal much. We see the Batwing and Batmobile in some action, we see Batman walking in the shadows briefly. We hear Alfred talking to Bruce Wayne a little. And we hear Lex Luthor talking about devils do not come from under the ground, but from the sky. It looks very cool, and it certainly has both Batman and Superman in it.

From what we know, the events take place after “Man of Steel” and features an older Batman who has been around for a while now. You can see that from the gray in Bruce Wayne’s hair (similar to Bale’s in “Dark Knight Rises”).

Zack Snyder, whom did not seem pleased at all about the leak — which, frankly, probably would have been a lot bigger online if the “Star Wars” trailer wasn’t distracting us due to its awesomeness. So he kind of lucked out on the timing anyway.

Here is his Tweet:

So it still seems there will be incentive to see the IMAX trailer, which will feature extra shots and some swag.

The movie is set for release in March 25 of next year.

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