U2 Fans Buy What They Thought Was A U2 Vinyl, Get Tool Instead


Sometimes, the universe has a wicked sense of humor. And for a band that force-fed their latest album upon an unsuspecting public’s i-Tunes accounts, it is perhaps that cosmic humor that caused the people who actually wanted the new U2 album to ironically not only not get the album, but to get a whole different record they didn’t want all together.


Some U2 fans who thought they were buying the vinyl release of “Songs of the Innocence” were surprised to find that there was an album they didn’t intend to buy sitting smugly in the place of “Songs” in the record sleeve. The record that was forced upon their purchase, and now their music library, was Tool’s “Opiate,” a record that sounds nothing like U2’s lackluster album.

No word yet if Bono will tell those who got the wrong album to simply trash it if they don’t want it.

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