Netflix Inexplicably Brings Back ‘Full House’

full house

Sometimes nostalgia can be fun. Reminiscing on things from the past that brought joy to your life is something almost everybody experiences. Television capitalizes on this trend all the time. Look at the current revivals of “X-Files,” “Twin Peaks” and to a lesser extent, “Heroes.” ABC’s sitcom from the the 90s, “Full House,” is not one of those things that jumps to mind of TV shows from the past that ever needed to come back.

But, like Rasputin refusing to die, the Tanner family will come back to haunt our public consciousness once again for more family friendly fun. Fun that a million other shows already provide, including reruns of “Full House.” Netflix, for reasons known only to the company’s inner circle, decided that they will bring back the show that made the Olsen twins famous, though probably without the famous duo this time around, to answer all those leftover questions that the finale left “Full House” fans on edge for — for the past 20 years.

Called “Fuller House,” the show will follow DJ Tanner-Fuller (Candace Cameron-Bure) living a bizzaro gender-swap living situation much like her father before her, as she, her sister (not the Olsen twins) and best friend will raise her two sons and another child on the way. Produced by John Stamos, the show will run for 13 episodes on Netflix and will feature cameos of former cast members who were swallowed up by the cruel fate of obscurity and reality TV shows on VH1 when their reign of power over ABC’s TGIF came to a close.

The series is set to air in 2016.

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