‘The X-Files’ Will Return In January — Or Will It?


Ever one to latch onto crazy ideas, Fox announced that the “X-Files” will be returning in January with a six-episode miniseries, which obviously aroused the skeptic in all of us.

“Fox, how are you sure this is for real,” we ask the network, promptly raising an eyebrow to show our skepticism. “This press release could mean anything.”

An exasperated Fox Network throws a pile of papers in the air and looks us all in the eye with a determination bordering on obsessive. “Come on America,” Fox yells. “The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. Look, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have said they are on board. The show’s creator Chris Carter says it is happening. You have got to believe us!”

Yes, it was announced that the show will return in January, according to Deadline.com. The show, which followed two FBI agents who investigate the paranormal and get caught in a web of government conspiracies that aired between 1993 and 2002, will return for a limited run. The six-part series will debut after the NFC Championship Game on Jan. 24, and will take “Gotham’s” place on Monday nights (which will return in the Spring). All the principle actors are on board to return. Vince Gilligan, who wrote for the show, is not returning, so all of our “X-Files”-“Breaking Bad” crossover dreams will probably not happen.

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