Not Even ‘The Fugitive’ Can Evade A Reboot


It seems like Harrison Ford’s acting past cannot outrun the long-arm of Hollywood’s reboot/sequel patrol. It already has “Star Wars” and “Blade Runner” in its custody; franchises that have brought/are bringing back an elderly, grumpy Ford to reprise roles he has made iconic. But now its on a manhunt for his character of Dr. Richard Kimble from “The Fugitive.” A manhunt in which no amount of running will deter the company in its quest, due to the fact this character once made them money.

According to Consequence of Sound, Warner Bros. is attempting to bring in “The Fugitive” for another installment. It began as a 60s TV series, and was remade into an award winning film in 1993 starring Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. They are bringing back producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson and has set Christina Hodson to write the script. They didn’t say if Ford and/or Jones will come back for the project. But if Ford does, we can probably assume he will mumble and mutter his way through a cameo.

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