‘Robble Robble, America:’ The Hamburglar Returns


Caught in his insatiable thirst for stealing burgers, there are two entities out for the masked man known as the Hamburglar: The corporation known only as McDonald’s and his wife who just won’t stop hassling him, man. Because if sitcoms have taught us anything, it’s that broad stereotypes get the laughs exist.


Above is the first manifesto from this criminal whose goal in life is to disrupts our lunch hour. As we can see, he is on the run and his wife keeps calling him despite his obvious social cues that he wants to hang up the phone. “I’m actually at the Party Store,” he tells his significant other, spinning even further into his web of lies. What kind of monster sneaks out behind his wife’s back and steals hamburgers? And then lies about it to the mother of his children?

Yes, the whole clip is basically the Hamburglar being visibly annoyed by his wife, and trying to get off the phone with her. Because, again, broad stereotypes.

Also released is video of a Hamburglar not being bothered by the woman who chose to spend her life him, despite his dressing like this in public as a full-grown adult. In this video, we hear that he has returned for some limited edition burgers.


What this monster does next is anyone’s guess.

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