Out Of Eden Prairie? ‘Mallrats’ Sequel Looks To New Mall For Filming


Much like some doomed kid who ignores the dangers of escalators, it seems like Kevin Smith might be ignoring the Eden Prairie (Minn.) Center for the sequel to his 1995 movie “Mallrats.” The Eden Prairie Center was were the original film was shot (for the most part). And that little slice of Minnesota is now canon (“The Eden Prairie Mall”) in Smith’s “New Jersey Trilogy” that now spans six movies, plus two more with the “Mallrats” sequel and “Clerks III.”

“Mallrats” followed a day in the life of a bunch of 20-something Gen. X slackers as they deal with relationships, debate pop-culture and beat up the Easter Bunny. They alsomall crash a dating show that, for some reason, is being filmed in a mall. It also functioned as a prequel to Smith’s first film, “Clerks.” The sequel will mark the 20th anniversary of the film.

Officially called “MallBrats,” the title seems to imply a new generation of mall slackers (because if a 40-plus year old Brodie Bruce is still lurking in malls with his refillable Dixie Cup, that would be a little creepy). Or the offspring of the original characters. According to Philly.com, Smith is eyeing a location in Philadelphia, the Granite Run Mall to be exact. Though that might not work, since that mall is destined to soon expire like the film’s poor Julie Dwyer did in mid-backstroke in the YMCA pool.

“I would love nothing more than to shoot at the Granite Run Mall,” Smith said, crushing the hearts of Minnesotans and “Mallrats” purists. “It’s gorgeous, it’s iconic, it looks exactly like what we need, and they’re getting rid of it. The only problem is they want to knock it down fairly soon, in September I think. We can’t do September because Jason Lee isn’t available until October, and he’s the lead.”

Not that Smith never considered a return to Eden Prairie. Smith said returning would be “would be a dream.” However, he said he financial backers would make them go “wherever we get the biggest tax break.” Making those backers sound like Mr. Svenning before he gobbled down that tainted chocolate covered pretzel.

Smith has said he is making the “Mallrats” sequel in tribute to his friend Jim Smith, who was a producer on the original who passed away last year. The big question will be if Ben Affleck will reprise his role as the sleazeball from Fashionable Male. Only time will tell.

So, it doesn’t look like Eden Prairie will have another go at film stardom in a Kevin Smith movie, for now at least.

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