Smash Mouth Singer Gets Pelted With Loaves Of Bread

steve harwell

Thus far, 2015 has not been a kind year for aging rockers from the 1990s. First, Marilyn Manson was punched in the face at a Denny’s. Dave Grohl broke his leg while performing a concert. Now, the lead singer of Smash Mouth — a band that had a glimmer of fame in the late 90s-early-2000s with songs like “All Star” — was pelted with loaves of bread while performing a show in Colorado.

Steve Harwell, singer and one-time star of VH1’s garbage reality show “The Surreal Life,” was performing the Taste of Fort Collins, in Fort Collins, Colo. when fans decided to reward the band that unfortunately gave the world songs like “Walkin On The Sun” by whipping loaves of bread at them. Not even their “Shrek” credentials could save them from such a violent onslaught of grains.

Not that Harwell took such a bread-induced pummeling in strides. No, he brought out his inner-Henry Rollins and berated the audience with a profanity laced tirade bemoaning these monsters who would dare to bring upon Wonder Bread-induced violence on a band like that. Not only that, but security had to restrain the guy — who once made his vision of covering “Why Can’t We Be Friends” on a “Shrek” soundtrack a reality — from jumping into the crowd.

As to why the fans had loaves of bread, apparently they are given out to attendees of the event.  As to why they threw bread at Smash Mouth, a band that has been mostly swallowed up and forgotten by time and better music tastes, only they know for sure.

Here is the video of said event. Caution, it does contain profanity and even worse, Smash Mouth:

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