Watch All 6 ‘Star Wars’ Movies — At The Same Time



Fairly recently, in a YouTube video only a click away…

In this day and age, binging through movies and TV shows is common place. And Star Wars fans have been binge watching those movies since the day they came out on VHS, and have continued to do so with the current run of all six films on BluRay. And with “The Force Awakens” arriving in December, many people are probably making plans to revisit this series so they can remember certain things from the films. Like what the hell Midi-chlorians are.

Yet, watching six movies back-to-back is a daunting task. To sit and watch each episode of the Star Wars saga back-to-back, you are looking at about 13-plus hours of your life. And that is a lot, considering at least about two of those hours will consist of sitting through the wretched “Phantom Menace.” Remember, that is two hours of your life you can never get back, and it has a lot of Jar-Jar in it to boot.

Thankfully, filmmaker and “Archer” animator Marcus Rosentrater has made a way to watch all six films in a easy and convenient manner — by superimposing the films over each other. In one fell swoop, with a running time of 2-hours and 22-minutes, you can watch all six movies at the same time. And it is as crazy as it sounds.

It’s actually interesting to watch, and with each film flowing in and out of one another, it makes for interesting video art. It’s also a spot-on representation of a fever dream you’d have if you sat through the 13-plus hours of each film back-to-back.

So, here it is. All six Star Wars films running all at the same time. Enjoy!

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