Watch Paul Rudd Make Fart Noises While Doing Press For ‘Ant-Man’


Press junkets are usually pretty boring. Reporters are lined up like cattle to interview celebrities about their current project they are plugging. They are usually pretty tame, unless you are some jerk who wants to piss off Robert Downey Jr. They basically are soundbites to fill space on news or entertainment programs.

Enter actor Paul Rudd, who — while doing one of these press events to promote “Ant-Man” — decided (after he found out his chair made a particularly funny noise) to make fart sounds while being interviewed by Clevver Movies Erin Robinson. Because farts are funny, I don’t care what anybody says to the contrary. Childish, immature, crass? Sure. Hilarious? Absolutely.

It’s particularly funny to watch Robinson try to interview around the said noises, as Rudd goes about in his obvious prepped responses to the typical questions with a brilliant deadpan face.

It is quite entertaining. Not since Rudd’s insistence to show the same clip from “Mac and Me” for every movie he promoted on Conan O’Brien has he made an interview this much fun.

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