Bill Murray Calls St. Louis Cardinals Fans ‘Satan’s Messengers On Earth’

bill murray

Like an apparition that one of his best-known movie characters would have ghostbusted in the 1980s, Bill Murray has made some random — and hilarious — appearances this week. Besides making his first appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con, he also managed to hit this links on Wednesday, where he delighted the crowd by basically pissing all over the St. Louis Cardinals and its fans.

According to the Quad-City Times, the legendary actor, comedian and alleged Wendy’s French fry thief was playing in the John Deere Classic Pro-am in Silvis, Ill. when he asked the crowd if anyone had seen the Chicago Cubs sweep St. Louis in a doubleheader Tuesday. One brave soul said she was a Cardinals fan, to which Murray offered his view on the St. Louis team’s fans.

“Satan’s messengers on Earth,” Murray said. He added “And then it turns out your team is cheaters, too.”

That wasn’t all. Another brave soul (this time a little kid) who asked for an autograph from the legendary photobomber of engagement pictures  was met with a biting critique for the baseball team he was supporting via baseball cap.

““Are you a Cardinals fan? Get out of here. Rotten kid,” Murray said to the delight of everyone around him.

And just like that, Murray continued on with his game, providing another story for people to tell their friends down the road that will probably be met with disbelief and wonder. Because, let’s face it, Bill Murray has become a modern day campfire story whose antics will be muttered in hushed tones for years to come. Bill Murray is a man, a myth and a legend.

1 thought on “Bill Murray Calls St. Louis Cardinals Fans ‘Satan’s Messengers On Earth’

  1. he’s wrong its the cubs fans !


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