Hip Comic Book Character Archie To Meet The Ramones

Archie-Meets-Ramones 1

Next year, the comic book “Archie” will turn 75 years old. That’s 75 years of the kids of Riverdale thumbing their noses to the norms of society, and most importantly, The Man with their wacky hijinks and lazing about Pop’s Chok’lit Shoppe like a bunch of punks.

Now, those anti-establishment folk heroes will meet another gang of ruffians when punk rock legends the Ramones stop by to stir things up for Archie, Jughead and the gang with a cross-over event called “Archie Meets Ramones.” Though probably not as disturbing as the time Archie met other questionable characters like The Punisher, the Predator and so forth. It may also be less disturbing than that time they killed Archie off to gritty up the world of Riverdale like a Christopher Nolan Batman film.

According to Comics Alliance, this colliding of worlds came about because the “Archie” staff are also huge Ramones fans as well. The 75th anniversary also happens to fall on the same year as the Ramones’ 40th anniversary, so the timing happened to work out for all the parties involved.

The crossover event is set for next year.


2 thoughts on “Hip Comic Book Character Archie To Meet The Ramones

  1. Er… aren’t the Ramones all dead?


    1. Well, I think 3/4ths of them are.


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