Here Is The Trailer For ‘Zoolander 2’


Gasoline fights, runway competitions, David Bowie cameos and the goofy idea of using fashion models as international terrorists (an idea that Bret Easton Ellis wrote a very long, but hilarious story about in the book “Glamorama” a few years before) was the concept of 2001’s “Zoolander,” a film that made terrorists looks ridiculous with their piano key necktie inventions at a time when our country needed a little laughter.

And now, almost 15 years later, we will be getting a sequel to that surprise cult comedy. A sequel that came much to my surprise in that I never thought “Zoolander” really warranted a one. Much like “Anchorman,” films like these stand alone as great absurdist comedies, and trying to go back to that well can end in mixed results. But we will have to wait and see if Ben Stiller can recreate the magic once again.

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