Kurt Cobain’s Solo Album Comes Out In November


One can only imagine how happy Nirvana frontman and lifelong extrovert Kurt Cobain would be knowing that his private journal, recordings, thoughts and ideas have been released over the years in book form and film. And I’m sure he would be ecstatic knowing now his private demos will be released as a full-blown solo album 20-plus years after his death. Because from everything he ever said while he was alive on this planet, those words were surely in the vein of “I’m an open book, ask me anything about my private life!”

Brett Morgen, director of the recent documentary “Cobain: Montage of Heck” had sifted through Cobain’s private recordings for the film, and has pieced together what he calls “not a Nirvana album, it’s just Kurt and you’re going to hear him do things you never expected to come out of him.” Something Cobain probably would have wanted to be released.

The Cobain solo album will be released in November, and Morgen describes it as “from thrash to ragtime and everything in between.” It will also include “a sketch comedy routine.” Obviously things Cobain would have released anyway if he were still alive, because those are things that sound exactly like a Kurt Cobain solo album would be — it’s definitely not just him dicking around in his spare time just to amuse himself. That would be crazy.

The album will come out Nov. 6, the same day as the DVD/BluRay of “Montage of Heck.” There is no word yet if someone will ask Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne to review the album, like he hilariously did with the documentary.

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