That ‘Crow’ Reboot Nobody Wants Is Still Allegedly Happening

Much like the mime-faced, leather-clad character from the source material, a planned reboot of “The Crow” simply will not die. Based on the graphic novel by James O’Barr, the film’s proposed reboot has been plagued by so many setbacks over the years that it almost seem like a message from beyond telling the powers that be in Hollywood “don’t do it.”

The recent setback was when the studio handling the film, Relativity, went bankrupt this year. That has lead to speculation/hope that a remaking of an already iconic cult movie will perhaps not happen. Because that film is perfectly fine and, from what we learned from the horrible sequels it spawned, perhaps one movie was enough. Well, O’Barr says otherwise, because during a recent panel discussion hosted by, he said the reboot nobody really wants is still happening.

“It’s still very much a live property,” O’Barr said at the event. “The company, Pressman Films, that owns ‘The Crow’ film and TV rights, licensed it to a studio named Relativity. And Relativity made like a hundred bad movies and lost money so now they’re in financial trouble. So the producers are just going to take it to another studio if Relativity can’t get backing again. It’s going to happen. I talked to Pressman Films a couple of weeks ago and they said within two or three weeks, we should have it placed at a new studio. Because the day Relativity announced that they were having financial problems, there were like a dozen other studios that called about getting ‘The Crow’ property. It definitely will happen.”

The original 1994 film was, in my opinion, one of the best comic book films made. And it was truly horrible that Brandon Lee, who starred as the film’s hero/revenge seeker Eric Draven, was tragically killed during the making of the film. It has one of the best soundtracks for a film as well. The sequels that came after were, in a nut, plain awful. Just unwatchable trash that should never have been made. Based on that checkered history, perhaps Hollywood should just leave the property alone.

1 thought on “That ‘Crow’ Reboot Nobody Wants Is Still Allegedly Happening

  1. “The Crow” remake has been in development hell for years. I remember at one point (2010 maybe?) the studio was trying to get Bradley Cooper attached to play the role of Eric.

    I’m hoping it never actually gets remade. “The Crow,” in my view is a perfect representation of lightning in a bottle. It’s hard to recapture how well everything, including the awesome soundtrack, all fit together.


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